To always be there on the road, endless hours of driving and thinking. Looking out the window and feeling as though that's where I belonged. These were the moments, and I wanted to make them last.  Passing by, seeing, capturing. Him by my side letting me bare witness. Him letting me discover the world at its most vulnerable hour, the sunrise.

That's how I captured the moments. As they were. Intense, big, so big I never understood what to do with them.

And if I just let my camera act and my brain shut off, the photos were pure. And strong. And raw. Silent. Why are they so silent?

They are the years that kept us apart, the distance that brought us closer. They are the miles traveled together, the pain and the sadness, the humour and the joy. This is what these photos have become;  my growing up, my relationship with him. My father and me, and the time we'll never have.