Let me tell you. Let me tell you how. 

How if I had many lives, I’d live one in your guest bedroom. Making the coffee, preparing breakfast and changing the diapers while you go shopping. Maybe we’d get pedicures and manicures and smoothies while he has a day off. We’d just sit there silently sometimes. And then I’d bitch about something and you’d roll your eyes, keeping me grounded. And I’d be so happy to see you.

How if I had many lives I’d to go your apartment when you’re out of town to get you cooking gear. A few pots and pans, good knives and I would throw away that old cutting board of yours. I’d water the plants, buy you magazines and put fresh food in your fridge. I’d always take the time to listen to your crazy stories and I would laugh. And I would support you. And I’d always let you know it’s going to be okay. We could drive around for hours telling each other it’s all going to be okay.

How if I had many lives I’d let you tease me until I cry. And forgive you every time. I’d drink the pear with you every night until I was drunk and we’d watch our favorite show over and over and over, debating, getting carried away. I'd talk loudly about how the world doesn’t make sense and you'd fill my glass. I’d follow you around the world to watch our show together.